Jennifer Aniston is reportedly in talks to write her memoirs, which could net her $25 million, and cause some embarassment to her ex husband Brad Pitt.

The actress is famously tight-lipped about her personal life, preferring to talk in general terms and her hobbies and childhood. Her divorce from Brad Pitt is one of the reasons she has refused to open up at any great length, and she has remained just as secretive about her subsequent romances with Vince Vaughn and John Mayer.

However, the 41-year-old has reportedly decided the time is right for her to recall the intimacies of her life in a book. She is already said to have had meetings with publishers, many of who think the book could make her as much as $25 million.

“Jennifer wanted to wait until she felt she had enough life experience to make the book truly meaningful – not just for her but for her millions of fans,” a source told National Enquirer. “Obviously she’s delighted at the prospect of landing such a huge payday in return for putting pen to paper. But I think the most attractive thing for her about this is the opportunity to finally set the record straight about everything she’s been through over the years.”