Brad Pitt may play Bruce Springsteen

Rock star biopics are quite popular in Hollywood these days. Earlier in 2014, we saw Andre 3000 playing rockstar Jimi Hendrix in the film "All Is by My Side."

Very recently, it has been stated that Janis Joplin and Guns N' Roses films are in the studio, while a movie based on Motley Crue's band bio "The Dirt" is in its pre-production. However, rumors suggests that the biggest band biopic is still to come. Well, Brad Pitt would play the role of Bruce Springsteen in a brand new movie.

Rumors suggests that the details are undefined regarding the whole project, but the mutual respect between Brad Pitt and Bruce Springsteen could see the former playing the latter in the movie.

A leading website reported that Bruce has had offers earlier and but he had always turned down those offers, but Brad Pitt's interest has now caught his attention. He is thinking it because it is Brad Pitt, who respects all the causes Bruce Springsteen represents. Springsteen was there for the people of New York, arranging a concert after the 9/11 to raise fund for the victims. However, representatives from both Pitt and Bruce camp have denied to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, Derby's in-demand film star Jack O'Connell told that he adhering to advice handed to him by Brad Pitt.

Jack, now 24, plays the lead role in the highly anticipated film Unbroken, directed by Brad's actress wife Angelina Jolie. The star said that Brad handed him this awesome advice that he sticking to: Just be patient.