Brad Pitt wanted to leave film to take care of Angelina, reports

Brad Pitt has reportedly offered to back down of filming “The Big Short” in New Orleans so that he can take care of his wife Angelina Jolie. The Maleficent star had her fallopian tubes and ovaries removed just last month as cancer markers suggested that she might have signs of ovarian cancer.

Angelina raises six children with Brad Pitt and he promised to be by her side as much as she required but was said to stick with his allegiance to shoot “The Big Short” in New Orleans.

A leading website reported that an insider told that Brad actually offered to pull out of shooting but that is the last thing Angelina wanted. Instead, he would come back at least one time in a week and his mom has actually offered to help with the kids.

In the mean time, Angelina Jolie's uncle Ron Martin (married to her late aunt Debbie) has said as how proud he is that the thirty nine year old lady, who carries BRCA1 gene, suggesting she has a high risk of cancer, has talked out about her very recent operation.

Speaking to a leading magazine, he told that he is very happy for her, It was really tearful reading because one could felt her pain whether she had cancer or not. She has done a great thing and she has a very private person, for her to expose her personal medical history to the public, she is doing it for a cause. She can save hundreds of lives/