Ed Sheeran's woos the audience at Air Canada Canter

It is time to meet the Ed Sheeran - the pale, ginger haired, and clear voiced Brit songwriter-singer who has 14000 fans, mostly teens and young females (judging from the ear bleeding screams), at the Air Canada Center on Thursday night due to his raw talent coupled with loads of natural confidence as well as stage presence to burn.

Early boosters such as Elton John, and Taylor Swift, were more than just right to see something in him. Ed even opened for the US country singer on her Red Tour 2013. Ed, the 23 year old, with just 2 albums under his belt since the year 2011, was alone on the stage, save for an telling regalia of video screens behind him, playing different types of acoustic guitars (as well as an electric one only once) and stomping looper pedals which made sonic backdrops to follow him as the singer rapped during slowly built Give Me Love or Take It Back in intensity.

Ed shouted: “Toronto how you feeling?”

“My name is Ed and I’m going to entertain you for the next few hours!”

An engaging, compelling and animated performer during such favorites like Don’t, One, Lego House, Nina, I See Fire and Afire Love, Ed said that early that he was actually prophesying to the converted.

Ed added: “It’s such a pleasure to be back in Canada,”

“Of the last four big tours, the biggest reception in North America has been in Toronto! I don’t know if there’s something in the water here but people just go a bit more crazy.”